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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Executive look takes a detour

I am a tropical flower, blooming madly atop a stalk of pinstripes and animal shoes. My satiny petals stretch to the sky in vain in search of sunshine and nourishment.

New Fashion Rules: 
  1. All political leaders must wear neon colours (and paisley) to important summit meetings to set the right tone for peace and conciliation. 
  2. Male political leaders must wear mod side-zip ankle boots, in white or black, and bell bottoms.
  3. Female leaders must wear go-go boots and maxi dresses. 
This is the new law.

Smiles bloomed all around me as I sashayed down my route, my corolla bobbing in herbaceous splendour. Black and white turned to technicolour in a fleeting trail of sparklets that twinkled in the gloom and wet of another rainy day.

  • sleeveless neon orange satin blouse with ruffles, thrifted
  • neon pink satin blouse, Jacqueline Conoir, thrifted
  • elastic stomacher-style orange belt with rear velcro closure, thrifted
  • pinstriped executive skirt, thrifted
  • D&G animal-print shoes, thrifted
  • red beret, thrifted
  • Betsey Johnson coat, and tights, retail
Also, I hope you all get out there, elbows cocked, wallets bulging, to gorge on Black Friday, which in North America (yes, Canada too) has become the official kick-off day for Holiday Shopping Season!!!! I dislike this day and what it stands for with intensity. Holt Renfrew, a high-end fashion retailer which I frequent for sensory inspiration, had a sign out today, "Thursday is the New Black Friday" - I just found out that there IS such a thing as Black Friday and already it's extended to Thursday. I wonder how long it will take to morph into Black Week, Black Month...

Rain seems to be the weather du jour everywhere right now. I hope you are all finding ways to cope. Maybe shopping will help. After all that venting, who knows? Maybe I'll hit a few thrift stores... I'll use my flower power to knock those shopping suckers outta my way. Okay, so I'm a Venus Fly Trap, not a benign tropical bloom after all...

Bella at Citizen Rosebud has drawn up a pledge which affirms one's intent to shop second-hand first. I'm glad she said "first" because I do still have a weakness for retail from time to time. I have already been living according to this credo, but now I have a beautiful new colourful widget for my sidebar.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Floral pants to summon summer

When a man passing me on the sidewalk said, "Wild pants!" I should have said, "Yeah, baby, they match my wild heart," and winked. Instead I shyly laughed, "Yeah." When another guy yelled, "Great pants!" I SHOULD have shot my imaginary finger pistol and twirled it around before reholstering it with a grin and a wink and a couple of clucks like the sound you use for horses to giddy-up. Instead I quietly said, "Oh, thanks." Why, oh why, do these saucy come-backs materialize AFTER the fact?

I thrifted these gems (pants) the day I was coming home from taking photos at orchestra rehearsal in late April. I was still recovering from my cold at the time and I thought they would be good medicine. Indeed. The saleswoman in the shop assured me that they were REAL Versace - but it wasn't until she raised the point that I questioned their authenticity. Frankly, I didn't care who made them - I was in love.

This fantastic Cirque du Soleil tank has all the colours in it and my satin blouse provides a perfect neon pink ground. I tried to look like a punk in some of my photos but my expressions looked angry and bewildered. My friend also gave me a little sample jar of Product for my hair the other day which helped me achieve this case of bed head. It's an amazing substance, powder blue and stringy like candy. Instead of my hair feeling like soft grass blowing in the wind, my hair felt like gyrating stalks of broccoli. 

Details of the outfit
  • floral pants by Versace (or not), $29, a new thrift shop, forget the name
  • Cirque du Soleil tank, hand-me-over
  • pink satin blouse by Jacqueline Conoir, Wildlife Thrift Store
  • crackle brown Miu Miu boots, Wildlife Thrift Store

My main inspiration for buying these pants came from Debbi over at She Accessorizes Well. I had seen her in floral pants a while ago and they were great! I'd never worn floral pants before, so when I saw these I thought of her and bought them. Thanks, Debbi!

I am wearing this visible outfit over to Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. See you all there.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Follow the tangerine road...

I've been playing with the backdrop in my studio again...uh oh. This is my tangerine road, and like the yellow brick road I hope it will take me to magical places, not necessarily home, if I click my thrifted D&G heels together three times! If I say "there's no place like Paris, there's no place like Paris, there's no place like Paris" and little sparklies start drifting down from the ceiling and the floor gets tilted like in those Batman shows, I'll know I'm onto something (or perhaps that I'm ON something!).

I bought this neon pink satin blouse last week at a local thrift shop. Spookily it happens to be by Jacqueline Conoir, a local designer I had never heard of until a few days ago when I style-eyed a woman who is devoted to the label. The seafoam skirt is one I sometimes wear as a petticoat.

Details of the ensemble:
  • thrifted seafoam skirt, Value Village
  • thrifted D&G shoes, Value Village
  • thrifted fitted Jacqueline Conoir satin top with snap front closure, Wildlife Thrift Shop
  • ultramarine textured tights
  • thrifted rhinestone necklace, Wildlife Thrift Shop

This outfit looks great with my patterned coat, all that slap-me-in-the-face pink jumping out alarmingly at the front, but I forgot to lug my coat into the studio with me.

I was SO DISAPPOINTED about the blurriness of the photo - the effect takes years off my face and I would never ever want anyone to think I am younger than I am! Goodness, no! Actually, I was twirling in many of the photos so most of them came out making me look younger (and often like a dunderhead). And I adjusted the lights so that's why my eyes are glazed. Honestly!

This is my piece for the fabulous Patti and her Visible Monday party. See you there?!

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